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We created a padlet for students.

Made with Padlet

We created a padlet for teachers.

Made with Padlet

Thank you for your contribution!

ARTS IN NATURE- The material was created during the virtual meeting in Romania of the Erasmus+ project, SOS-Sustain Our Souls. Students worked in break-out rooms on Zoom and they learnt how to create poems based on the Diamante Poem structure. Each break-out room was led by a Romanian team who explained the structure of the poem and organized the team work in the multinational team. Students also worked on paintings about nature showing the connection between the two forms of art. The material was also presented during the temporary exhibition organized at the National Museum of Agriculture.

GAMES AND HEALTH – is the second material created during the same virtual meeting. The students really wanted to demonstrate that this type of activity can be carried online successfully. The Romanian team acquired different sport materials such as circles, ladders, balls, sacks, obstacles and skipping ropes with the purpose of having the multinational teams create routes for children. The Romanian student presented the objects and encouraged the students to make suggestions. These suggestions were made into routes with the help of PE teachers and then they were drawn on the tablet by the students. The Romanian team also filmed the routes to demonstrate what the students created and uploaded the video on the YouTube channel of the Erasmus+ project of our school.

Our Videos

Students also made videos to present Romanian writers and painters with the purpose of promoting our national values in these domains. We wanted our partners to have access to what teenagers appreciate in the domain of literature and art.

The virtual mobility in Romania can be considered an example of good practice of online activity and thus continue working despite Covid 19 restrictions.

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