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MARCH 2022


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The European Week of Sports


We focused on collaborative work involving different digital tools such as Padlet, Google presentation, Jamboard and Quizz.

After researching different European dishes, the group of students created a pictionary related to kitchen items. We will take on the challenge of creating other pictionaries. They were interested in working with online dictionaries in order to translate the words in other European languages.

European Food market activity


Padlet on Cultural Items and debates on reasons why people study langauges

Playing games ia also fun and they contribute a lot to language learning!




  • conștientizarea importanței sportului în viața oamenilor
  • conștientizarea importanței cunoașterii unei limbi străine
  • utilizarea unor instrumente digitale cu scopul de a crea resurse digitale care pot fi folosite ca resurse colaborative și exemple de bună practică
  • promovarea unor atitudini corecte/de fair play atât în practicarea sportului cât și în munca în echipă
  • De ce este sportul important? – dezbatere la orele de educație fizică și sport/ consiliere și orientare
  • Cum îi motivăm pe copii să facă sport? – schimb de exemple de bună practică, jucam online
  • Sportivul preferat – elevii adaugă în Padlet-ul colaborativ prezentări despre sportivii preferați

Made with Padlet
Mentimeter 22.09

The European Day of Language, 2018

Having fun…practicing…learning!


The European Day of Languages

Our powerpoint presentation includes explanations of the FISHBONE MAP exercise, OUR WORDS POSTER for younger students and how to create new games for classmates.

Concurs E-twinning- Competitie de primavara pentru elevi

Poster realizat de eleva Mitu Ruxadra Maria

Mitu Ruxandra Maria

26.09.2016 European Language Day- Together for Languages

Students and teachers participated in activities celebrating the European Language Day. The activities organised at the high school level included:

  • essay presentations on the importance of studying foreign languages
  • poems about languages
  • drama plays
  • songs

The students in the sixth and seventh grades worked on an English-French-German-Italian-Spanish pictionary using online dictionaries.

All students were coordinated by the English team: Dumitrache Camelia, Militaru Nicoleta, Tudor Adriana, Radulescu Iuliana, Arsene Mirela and Vidrascu Mirela.

We are all eager to participate in other activities next year!


The activity was also posted on the official site. Thank you,all! It’s always a pleasure to work with you!


22.12. 2015

A Christmas present for you!!! Teens Band are very talented!!! We love them all!!! Keep up the good work!

08.04.2015- Theatre Festival Shakespeare, we love...We have many talented young artists and teacher willing to work with them in order to explore the wonderful world of the theatre. This year there have been very beautiful interpretations of different plays and monologues.

Participants from our school:

  • Tudor Adriana and her students The Merely Players (XII E and XI A)- Challenging Shakespeare;( 3rd prize)
  • Dumitrache Camelia and her students from VIII B and X D- Never on Wednesday, People in the Wind; (2nd prize)
  • Vidrascu Mirela and her students from IX B- scene from Pygmalion;(mention)

The Festival was presented by two of our students, as well: Dragan Andreea and Duta Alexandra (VII B) did a great job!

The European Day of Languages…..26th September…..our young students had fun in English playing “Find someone who…”, “Bang-Bang”, “Bingo” and other English games!


“English for you” at the end….in June we had the last workshop with speaking activities and vocabulary practice on PET structure.


Jolly Phonics…..at Slobozia, High School “Mihai Eminescu”. We had a nice meeting with Silvana Serbanescu who did a great job in presenting the method.


Shapespeare, we love – Theatre Festival in which students and teachers from the county come to present different plays. This year the festival took place on April 11th. We all met at Children’s Palace in Slobozia.


November, 22nd, 2012- Teaching English and Modern Technology

Lesson for teachers in the county. The plan is posted on the site, too. You could also use:

October 18th 2012- two seminars for teachers

The activities were really interesting and we were more than happy to be part of them. We felt like children again and we saw the English language through their eyes.


  • Our Language Treasures- write your favourite word on a piece of paper and then tell us why you like it;
  • Crossword- create a crossword with your favourite words
  • Painting Class- paint different monuments or scenes dedicated to the Day of the European Languages
  • Essay presentation- write and present essays on the topic of the day
  • Create a powerpoint presentation on the topic: “English is everywhere”

Our Language Treasures (the treasure box) classes III A and IV B

X E- creating the powerpoint “English is everywhere”

VIII B- Crossword

Thursday, 7th- Seminar for teachers- Terry Prosser’s “Between the lines- finding meaning through context”

It was an interesting activity which included various examples of how to help our students more and how to create a balance between our responsabilities as teachers. Mr. Prosser’s presentation included many practical, real life examples which can be used in classes (unfortunately, in Romania, a teacher can use thm during the first classes or the last classes of the school year or during special inspections- but this is a subject to be discussed in the future)

One of the activities suggested by Mr. Prosser in his presentation was “And then…” The teacher gives the students the beginning of a narration “And then she turned and looked at him..” and he plays a piece of music (romantic, hip-hop, rock, or electronic). The students have to continue the story while they listen to the respective piece of music. In another class, the teacher changes the piece of music and the results will not be the same as in the previous activity. I will definetly put it into practice and post the answers here.

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  1. The project guided me to seek the importance of self development journey and the passion of learning new information about people’s culture. It was a pleasure working with all students and making new wonderful memories.

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