Erasmus+ project: ACT4ENV

Starting with 2020, our high school is involved in a new Erasmus+ adeventure, represented by a partnership with Greece ( coordinator), Spain, Portugal and Croatia in the project Act for Environment.

KA229- School Exchange Partnerships Project 2020- EL01-KA229-078798

We want our students to be more informed and more aware of the problems our planets is facing these years. We believe that if we give them the information and the experiences they need, they will become more responsible adults who will take better care of our planet.



  • educate and raise awareness about our responsibility to slow down the side effects of technical progress
  • change individual and collective behaviour through sustainable consumption and sustainable living
  • educate our students to become active and more responsible citizens so that they can understand the importance and value of our natural resources

The first year was spent online because of the Covid-19 restrictions. We found ways of working on project tasks online by eTwinning project and national workshops. Students worked in national teams and made suggestions for logos. The winning logo in each country took part in the competition in which students voted their favourite logo through a Google form.

Teachers had permanent meetings discussing the type of activities, the project plan for eTwinning and the next steps in the project.

They also worked on the questionnaire included by the Greek team and the results were published in the second issue of the newsletter.

The Newsletters, the forms and the final results are in the Twinspace of the project.

We decided to have national workshops with our team so as to keep them engaged and motivated despite the fact that we could not travel for the first year.

MOBILITY IN GREECE- 5-10 December 2021

-questionnaire about environmental problems

– how to to face climate change

– recycling as a way of decreasing the climate change effects

– outdoor environmental activities to Natura Area of Pindos



While visiting Athens and Trikala, participants took notes of how local authorities get involved in making the cities smart places for people to live in.

They also learnt about how technology can be used in environmental issues.


Working on two project tasks:

  1. Consumerism in Romania
  2. How Romanian teenagers spend their money

Students made presentations and learnt more about the two topics from the partner countries.

Then, the Romanian students created two WordWall games which the students from partner schools played together.

Teachers also took part in job shadowing activities. The Romanian team had an activity about the Myths of the Romanian People.

Students worked in international teams and took part in a Treasure Hunt activity. The activity ended with them creating collaborative posters on cultural elements.

All participants agreed that the mobility in Duravar was full of exciting activities and documentation visits in which they learnt more about European investments in cultural and historical places, they learnt about how to spend their money wisely and how a society can evolve by keeping true to its values.


ALMADA, PORTUGAL- 24-28.10.2022

Making presentations on water pollution in all partner countries. Focusing on plastic pollution and what local authorities do in order to keep it under control and even minimize it.

Students had to understand the power of VOLUNTEERING so the next two activities were the perfect example of how they can ACT for their environment.

Cleaning the beaches and discussing the ways in which they do it in their communities. Discussing about how dangerous plastic pollution is not only for marine life but also for people.

Discussing about invasive species and how they can affect the local environment- cleaning the trees from these invasive plants

Workshop at the Oceanario di Lisboa- GLOBAL WARMING- Their expert presented students with very interesting and interactive information so that they can have a better understanding of how human’s activities affect the planet and that the effects on the long term are. The participants learnt about how the specialists create artificial mediums so that they can save species.

Workshop on FUTURE PROMISES – students discussed in international teams different environmental issues and made suggestions of possible solutions. This activity encouraged collaboration, communication, critical thinking and peer learning making the participants very proud of their final results.

Their commitment is simple: ACT now! There is NO planet B!



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  1. If somebody asked me what were the best days of my life , I would certainly mention the Erasmus+ mobily to Croatia , the seven days when I discovered more about the world I live in.
    From the first day to last, I constantly learned something new from the activities and workshops that I attended to , sometimes without even realising it. The presentations of each country showed us different perspectives of consumerism , ending with the conclusion that we’re all on the same team and that we all have the same purpose: to help the environement . The trips in nature and the mesmerizing landscapes from Croatia motivated us even more and showed us what we were fighting for , making us realise that we should protect the environement at all costs. The people there and the cultural diversity made all of my experience even more wonderful . By working on teams I learned more about cooperating and collaboration , I improved my social skills and I can say that I’m proud to call such amazing and creative people ,,my friends”. At each activity , we had a lot of fun and we kept a positive energy and even if sometimes the schedule was a bit tiring , we never left without a smile on our faces.
    I can proudly say that I left Croatia by being a better person than I was before and that I never tought that only seven days could change me so much. The impact that Erasmus+ projects have on people in such a short time is incredible and undoubtely like no other. Croatia has all of my love and I will definitely return to this beautiful country!

  2. The Erasmus experience seemed to me to be a unique one. It is an opportunity for students in Europe to exchange experiences, to socialize, to learn new things and to develop. I had the chance to visit Greece this winter, along with other students from my high school. I visited the historical places, their museums, I went to a mechanical school and to the town hall. In high school, each country had to present a project, from which we could gather information about new traditions and other interesting things. While I was in Greece, I learned and learned a lot of information about their country, about their city, but also about the people in it. I noticed that the streets are clean, there are trash cans and dumpsters everywhere, so as not to pollute with waste. People are special, you will always see calmness and smiles on their faces. Every day I had lovely activities. We visited Trikala, a very interesting and well-developed city, where many things have been implemented that help people recycle and where they have managed to convince a large part of the population to use bicycles, instead of cars, for cleaner air . A very interesting aspect that was presented to us at the town hall was the fact that the students from the University of Trikala, in partnership with the high school students, developed an application that helps people with breathing problems. This application warns the city population how high the fog level is, to know when they can go out safely. The fact that we were able to talk to other children from different countries was a very important thing because we were able to develop and practice our skills in English but also in communicating with other people. We discovered new and different people, we made new friends in Europe, and this experience helped us a lot in our daily development. In my opinion, many more students should be interested in this program, because it is a chance to visit Europe with children your age. I think that this experience can change your perception of how you see the world, because you will meet new personalities totally different from you, or from the people you know. Erasmus is an extraordinary experience, where you learn many new things that will help you in life. Every child should have such a chance.

  3. I entered this project approaching it as a challenge. I knew I would have a lot to learn, but at the same time I would have fun. The Erasmus experience was unforgettable, I learned to speak in front of people in English without emotions, I made friends from other countries with whom I shared impressions and ideas to carry out various projects. I visited magical places like the Oracle of Delphi or the Acropolis. In front of colleagues from other partner countries in the program, I presented a project about the importance of recycling in everyone’s life, but together with them I took pictures with everything related to this topic. It was a memorable experience that will warm our souls when we remember it. Every student has something to learn from this experience, be it the activities, the people we meet or the places we visit. Each country visited with the help of the Erasmus program is a new gateway to culturalization, empathy and knowledge. By taking part in the project, I learned what life is like abroad, I got to know new cultures and I also learned new things by putting them into practice. I feel lucky to have had the opportunity to be a part of this journey of knowledge.

  4. The Croatian mobility made me realize how much we can do for the environment as from all the activities I had something to learn, from how we should gesture money for food, clothes etc. to how we buy more then we consume. Also, the places we saw were all full of life: a lot of trees, flowers, green places, amazing people.
    To sum up, the mobility was the best experience for me to discover myself and the nature, to learn about consumerism, to appreciate what people are doing for me and to smile at any challenge.

  5. This mobility for me meant a new experience through which I was able to develop my knowledge about consumerism, about how to use our money for better purposes, about the culture and language of another country, to be able to give some information to others. It’s also a great way to find out more things about yourself and what you can do. I also had the chance to make friends, to visit beautiful places where I was pleasantly surprised I can honestly say from the little time I had available to observe, that Croatia will remain for me one of the most respectful countries. I was left from this mobility with good memories and useful information and if someone told me that I would have the chance to repeat the experience here, I would accept without thinking.

    1. This experience was amazing.I had the opportunity to see another country and see its traditions and its history.The project united so many people and from different countries to work together and to create nee and better ways for saving our planet

  6. Being in this mobility had made me open my eyes for the world around me. I learned about consumerism and got the chance to experience the life in another country. It’s such a different lifestyle apart from us. It’s nice to see how clean the country is and how nice the people are. I made many friends and took part to different activities in which I had so much fun even though it was quite tiring but I don’t regret anything. We visited so many beautiful places and learned about Croatia itself. I’m glad I was able to interact with everybody and participate in activities with other people who were part of this. I will never forget the time I spent away from home and being so worth it. I loved every single part of this project trip. The activities, the students, the teachers, the food, the country itself. I’m glad I got to be educated into seeing more about the world together with a group of wonderful people. I’m grateful I got the chance to be part of this wonderful mobility. I had the best experience ever.

  7. In my opinion, the Greece mobility was a great opportunity for me to learn more about the environment and consumerism. I visited a lot of beautiful places, discovered the hidden treasures of the nature and learnt to appreciate and protect them. Also, the group activities taught us to be united and to work together, despite the fact we do not speak the same language.
    Overall, I really enjoyed being a part of the Greece mobility and finding out more about recycling.

  8. This year I had the opportunity to travel with my mobility to Croatia. It has brought so much for me, on a personal level but professionally too. I had the opportunity to be involved in activities that taught me better about consumerism, how it affects the environment around us, and how to be more eco-friendly. We spent a whole week talking to international students, working with them and finding out interesting facts about each country involved.It was a pleasure to be involved in such fun activities.Ever since I came back I felt like a more mature person and I am way more careful about littering and what I use my money on .I think that everyone should join at lest one Erasmus project in their life because its such an unique experience.

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