Internet addiction

More and more children spend a lot of time on the Internet. They suffer from different problems. Make suggestions of other ways they can spend their time.


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  1. I think that practicing a sport is a good alternative to spending time online, because it improves a person’s health. Also, reading a book can make kids forget about wanting to spend time online.

  2. I think they can hangout with friends and try to make more friends so they have something to do other than just playing video games or staying on their phone

  3. I believe that you can spend your free time in many other healthier and more fun ways than spending time online such as sports, reading, drawing, interactive games with family or friends.

  4. Internet addicted children should have a program made by them or their parents. Sports could help them stop spending so much time on the internet. They may try to read a book or spend more time with their family

  5. Eu cred ca acești copii ar putea să iși creeze anumite activități precum : sa practice un sport preferat, sa se joace împreuna cu alți copii de vârsta lor, sa citească pentru a-și îmbunătăți cunoștințele ..

  6. I think they can practice sports in landscaped parks or they can walk, they can go out with bicycles/ rollers/ skateboarding.
    They can call their friends home to play educational games of their own.

  7. Indeed, today’s children spend a lot of time on the Internet, becoming addicted. To get away from phones and computers, every child could go for a short walk in the park, with friends or parents. They may find something they are passionate about, such as drawing, dancing, music, various sports.

  8. I think a good way to spend time is going in a trip, to visit new places or practicing a sport, riding a book

  9. In my point of view, internet addiction begins when someone doesn’t have friends or doesn’t feel good around them. Most of internet addicts are children, then it may be the parents fault. They must be helped to overcome this obstacle of life.

  10. As they say, it’s better to prevent than to treat. Some of the ways to prevent the above-mentioned conditions would be a healthy and well-estabilished program. From my point of view, it should include few hours spent in front of the screens, and several hours of walking in nature, with specific activities such as a picnic, picking flowers…because nature restores body functions. Also, playing with pets or face-to-face conversations with parents or friends are shoothing, such as running or walking on a sunny day.

  11. Majoritatea copiilor sunt dependenți de internet . Un sfat bun ar fi sa și găsească un lucru ce-i relaxează practicandu-l , cum ar fi : dansul, cântatul , desenatul, sportul etc. Un alt sfat ar fi sa și creeze propriul program asupra Internetului. Totodata ar fi bine sa observe diverse lucruri ce i pot afecta din cauza orele pierdute in fata unui calculator din experiențele altor oameni .

  12. Instead of spending all day in front of their computer or their phone, children can play with their friends in the park, practice a new sport, go on a trip with their family or take a walk in nature.

  13. I think that having an animal is an alternative way to distract yourself from internet.I have a puppy and we go out everyday for almost two hours.I also like doing a little sport everyday.

  14. I think that there are many fun and productive ways to spend free time. Children can learn how to cook or bake with friends or family. Also, they can practice a new sport or they can do artistic things such as origami.

  15. I think , after a day sprint in front of the screen, the best way to relax their mind children can reading a book about an domaine in which is interested.

  16. Whilst the online enviroment is vast and fun, it can be very addictive. In my case I got hooked on video games. And the only personal advice that I can give is to find a hobby, something that makes you happy, and you are generally interested in, like drawing, painting or some sort of outside sport.

    1. People could prevent internet addiction by using their phone only when is necessary. They can also try to find other things to relax like reading a book or taking a walk to admire the nature

  17. Internet addiction is very common amog people from my generation and very difficult to get rid of. My solution is to spend more time with your friends, take fun trips to some attractive places and usually, to try other activities that make you forget about the online world.

  18. I think one solution to internet addiction is quality time spent with the family. In most families both parents work and have little to no time for engaging in fun and educational activities with their children, therefore they go on and entertain themselves online.

  19. The Internet can be a huge addiction these days and one way to combat them is through the time allotted to nature, going out with friends and sports. Time is an important element and should not be lost on the deceptive online society.

  20. People could prevent the internet addiction by spending time with family and their friends and also focusing on the goals they want to achieve .

  21. Using internet for longer than necessary is extremely dangerous, so it can be prevented with focusing on achievements for the future or even spending time with friends.

  22. Internet addiction is very common among young people. It is difficult to get used to not use the internet that much, but it is a step that should be taken for a healthier life. I think the internet addiction could be eliminated by having breaks at the beginning, lowering screen time gradually.

  23. I think that to get away from phones and computers, every child could go for a short walk in the park, with friends or parents. They may find something they are passionate about, such as drawing, dancing, music, various sports.

  24. They can hangout with their friends/family, they can read, ride a bike, go out for a run, do homework.

  25. A good way is to take a walk in nature, go walk your dog, go out with your friends, play board games with your family or friends, cook, draw, play a sport, find a hobby and do something you love

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