The English workshop- students’ activities

Here are some of their creations:

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And let’s not forget about Chinese marriage (this is game in which the students don’t see what the others have written. Because of this, the results are funny). Here are some examples.

  • The strong father meets the beautiful princess in the park. He says “I like you”. She says “Me too”. And they watch a movie.
  • A tall boy meets a beautiful Isabella at the zoo. He says “Your dog is so cute.” She says “I play tennis every day.” And they get married.



English for you workshop

We meet once a month and we work in English. We have worked on oral presentations, listening skills and creative writing so far. We want to improve our knowledge in English and we discovered that we can do that and have fun at the same time.

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  • We worked on oral presentations. Students torn pieces of paper while talking about themselves (I like/ I don’t like/ I can/ I can’t/ I must/ I mustn’t)
  • We workes in teams and created comic strips, funny stories (using Chinese marriage game)
  • We created board games and we played together!

WP_003156 WP_003157 WP_003164 WP_003165

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