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We use these blogs to work on different projects or to post assignments. My students embraced the idea immediately.

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The UNESCO Cultural Center is a public institution with legal personality with the objective of organizing activities to promote knowledge and cultural values of national and universal art, the development and affirmation of availability creative people in all fields of creative arts and entertainment, recreational fun , for realizing cultural benefits for all citizens, regardless of nationality, social status, religious or political choices.

Located at the entrance from Urziceni to Slobozia surrounded by one of the most beautiful and well-maintained parks in town, is the only museum of this kind in the country and the only museum that has a wooden church heritage.

The cathedral is situated in Slobozia, Ialomita.  It has a height of 37 m, a length of 45m, a width of 24m and a total area of 850 square meters. It’s the first and largest ecclesiastical building in the country after the fall of communism. It was consecrated on 25 March 2004, and with this ocasion it recieved the relics of St. Andrew.

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