Present Simple or Present Continuous

1. He usually __________ coffee but this morning he _____________ a cup of tea.

a. drinks/ has                            b. drinks/ is having        c. is drinking/ is having

2. Listen! Paula ___________ the piano.

a. plays                  b. plaies      c. is playing

3. Tom __________ to school every morning.

a. goes       b. is going        c. go

4. They usually _______ to work but today they ____________.

a. are driving/ walk         b.  are driving/ are walking                  c. drive/ are walking

5. Where ________ you usually spend your summer holiday?

a. does                  b. do               c. are

Past Simple

Find the correct Past Tense forms: 

a. be

b. become                                            had                                   caught                            was

c. drink

d. eat                                                            r an                        gave                      drank

e. have

f. write                                                      were                            read                      ate

g. read

h. catch                                                                 became                              wrote

i. run

j. give

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